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Terms & Conditions - GDPR

Terms & Conditions

During your visit at our online store and in order to complete the process of ordering and purchasing, but also in order to make sure that we can communicate with you it is vital that you give us your personal information (name, email address, forwarding address, etc.). Any personal information that you submit in our site will only be used so that we can service you, we are not allowed by law nor we have any intensions of using your personal information in any other way.

The online store is governed by the Greek and European community Law . Any submitted personal information is safely kept for as long as you are a registered customer and once you no longer wish to be a member all your personal information will be deleted. Your personal information are used exclusively by eponymogold.com, in order to be able to service you & complete your transactions. Your personal information are subject to be used by any legal authority (court of law, police, tax authorities) if this is required and is legally submitted.

Return Policy

You have the right to return any product you have purchased and ask for a replacement if:
In any proven case that it was eponymogold.com fault, we supplied the wrong product or mistake during the process of your order, invoicing, forwarding,or products that were destroyed or damaged during their transportation
In all the above cases you retain the right not to accept the product during the delivery or return it within 20days from its delivery to you. In any case you have to return the product in its original condition, with its original packing in full without any damages. If for any reason the products are not returned within 20days then eponymogold.com the right to refuse any return or replacement of products. Furthermore, for all cases mentioned above the product returned needs to have all legal papers returned to us, such as receipt of product.

Before you return any product to us please contact us before doing so. We will accept any return or replacement if you:
- Contact us within 2 days upon reception of your order
- The product has not been used
- You maintain all product documentation, and receipt of the transaction

- If you have received a product that you wish to return/change you can bring it or forward it to at eponymo store or send it to our central offices , all forwarding costs will have to be covered by you. If the product is faulty we shall try and replace it at no charge immediately (if the product is out of stock we can either change it with a newer model or another product of same value.
-If you received a wrong product and it was our fault we shall do everything in our power to fix the mistake by sending you as soon as possible the replacement at no extra cost to you. We will cover the forwarding costs from your address to ours and send you at no extra costs the replacement.

Cancellation Policy
We make every effort to dispatch your order as soon as possible however, if you wish to cancel your order, we will make every effort to proceed with your cancellation before the goods have been dispatched. Please call +3(0) 2286071534 as soon as you decide you want to cancel your order.

If your order has already been dispatched you will be entitled to a full refund under the returns and refunds policy, however you will have to pay for all forwarding costs.