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Someone who offers Love, must constantly be on the move..
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A group of people working as a team . But since each one of us is an individual ,if we donメt agree with the leader ,we can turn around and run the other direction.  ..
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The Seahorse is a symbol of luck in many cultures..
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She is a person who sits on the edge of things  gracefully embracing the space thatメs surrounds her.   ..
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Originally a geek word, derives from two words dia that means Through  And logos which means speech. So through the speech  so to say man  Must find solutions in the problems which are around him . A Dialogue  being such an important element of life becomes a challenge  For ..
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This sculpture portrays three ladies, who are about to spare thoughts. When this takes place, each one of them can turn around and discover who s ahead of her with more confidence. In this way the artist wants to tell us, how important it is for is to compare notes, in fact being surrounded by frien..
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Glass element shows inner beauty and transparency...
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