Jewelry is small works of art, specially made to highlight your image and personality. All they ask of you is a little attention and care.

Careful use, frequent cleaning and proper storage are the main "tools" of keeping jewelry in excellent condition for a long time.

 We do not wear our jewelry when:

We are getting ready to apply perfume, lotions, hair styling products or cosmetic protection creams. We wear the jewelry after completing the treatment and give it a reasonable time to dry so as not to affect the metal or stones.

We exercise or do physical work. The acidic pH of sweat is an oxidizing factor for jewelry. In work with physical exertion and in the gym we avoid wearing jewelry, they will oxidize and will fade quickly.

We deal with our garden or pots. Gardening is a very beautiful and productive occupation, but soil and chemicals can destroy stones, alter plating and wear a favorite piece of jewelry for no reason.

We are at sea. Sea salt beneficial to you, can destroy a favorite piece of jewelry, metallic leather or with stones. Leave your jewelry at home and enjoy the sun and the sea undisturbed.

We are sunbathing. In general, exposure to the strong sun can discolor our sensitive stones and "tire" the jewelry irreparably.

We go to the swimming pool. The chlorine in the pool water will dull, oxidize the jewelry and leave marks on a leather bracelet.

We bathe at home. Shampoo, soap contains chemicals that can damage the shine of a pearl, leave residue on the stones, or spoil the shape of a favorite leather accessory.

We clean the house. Household detergents contain strong chemicals that corrode and discolor metals, destroy stones and all organic materials, such as pearls or leather jewelry.

We sleep. During sleep we can hit the jewelry, pull the chains, or break a favorite necklace with stones.