appolon silver 925 cufflinks

appolon silver 925 cufflinks

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appolon silver 925 cufflinks

Greek God Apollo coin cufflinks

Apollo was one of the most important gods of Olympus. His godly dominion was over colonists, medicine (was the father and adviser of Asclepius), and he was also the patron defender of the herds and flocks. As his most known role, the god of prophesy he was the Oracular patron god of the Delphic oracle. Last but not least he was the god of music and poetry as the leader of the muses (Apollo Musagetes). Olynthos, where this particular form of tetradrachm was originally minted was a city known as a center of imperial opposition (ie. to the Athenian rule). The proportions of the coin reflects those of superb tetradrachm specimens found in the remarkable collection in the National Museum of Greece.

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